The quick answer is yes.

Here is how we maintain compliance:

  1. Student submissions are only accessible to the student that submitted the data and to the student's teacher. Teacher feedback is only shared with the particular student for which the feedback is intended. We never share any data with anyone else, including other schools, research groups, other software, etc...  
  2. Everything in the system is password protected. We use modern password hashing algorithms (including salts) and never store passwords in clear text.
  3. Currently, parents can access info for their child via their child's student account. If needed, teachers can always reset a student's password. In the future, we plan to introduce an account type for parents.
  4. Quizster is a digital dropbox and just like paper assignments, it is up to the school to make sure that the school/teacher has approval before sharing any logins or data with any other individuals
  5. We understand the importance of your data and to this end, we ensure that all your data is securely stored in a version controlled cloud and replicated to various geographical regions. This way, even if hardware fails or there is a natural disaster, you can be sure that your data will still be safe.
  6. Data can be accessed at any time and is always visible to students and teachers. Moreover, we have no plans to delete any historic data.
  7. FERPA dictates that students and parents have the ability to attach a note to their coursework. Students always have the option to add a note to their message thread to clarify any work in the thread, even if the work was submitted a while ago. Changes are merely appended to the thread and teachers cannot change any previously submitted data.
  8. We use SSL to encrypt all communications between our servers and app to guarantee that sensitive data cannot be intercepted in route.
  9. We use a firewall on servers to guarantee that only the appropriate ports can be accessed.
  10. All our database records contain an anonymous, universally unique id (UUID). This means that most of our data is kept anonymous.

For further reading about FERPA compliance, please see and