When the school year ends and the next one begins, what will my account look like?

You don't have to do anything when the school year ends or a new one begins to maintain your account. We've designed Quizster to automatically organize large amounts of data by grouping everything in a class-assignment hierarchy. That being said, a lot of teachers don't want to see their previous year's classes and therefore they decide to hide these classes. You can hide classes, assignments or questions. Hidden data is not deleted, but it is removed from your default lists, which makes things less cluttered.


When the new school year begins, can I go back and use the same questions that I'm creating right now?

Absolutely! We recommend that you create a fresh class and then use the copy assignment feature to copy assignments to your new class. This way, you can handpick assignments to reuse as many teachers change some of their assignments from year to year.