Currently, if you choose to score your assignments, Quizster only supports a point system. Some teachers have suggested something like below/meeting/exceeding standards and others want completed/not-completed and there are yet other variations. We have not rushed to add an alternative to this as there doesn't appear to be a clear consensus on what an alternative would look like. We hesitate to make the scoring too free form as this could result in a longer set up time and deter usage, i.e. we want to keep things simple.

One of the most common strategies is to use a single point to denote whether the assignment has been completed or not. Likewise, for below/meeting/exceeding standards, you could use something simple like 0=below, 1=meeting, 2=exceeding. Whatever you choose, it is probably best to make sure that you inform students on your chosen meaning.

Another idea is to simply use the text box to write something like "Exceeding Standards"